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Soothe Up Coffee

Art direction. Branding. Social media content. Motion graphics. Copywriting. 

This product sat somewhere in the coffee and supplement market.

A premium ground coffee blended with L-theanine

which takes away the jittery affect of caffeine.

This recipe had never been packaged before, so the audience

had to be educated introduced to a science they may

not of been aware of..

As it was a new product, we wanted to get away from a traditional look. It also had to represent the energy and alertness of caffeine.


Wedding invite

The wedding was to be decorated in huge

flowers and paper decorations.

The couple loved Mexican art.

This design was based on papel picardo bunting,

which is a tradition Mexican party decoration. 


Universal Music

I have designed and animated hundreds of social, lyric and

music videos for various artists over the years.

I am at my happiest when creating moving images

for music. 

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